SMS 5511


Now you can also find the company and/or service you are looking for by using your cell phone. Just SMS the name, part of the name or a keyword to 5511 and you will receive a message back.

This service is also available when you are located in a country where UTS has their services. You can also look for a phone number and/or address from a company located in Aruba, Bonaire or Sint Maarten. For Aruba, Bonaire and Sint Maarten the name of the country or a code has to be added behind the name you type in to sms. For example;

Aruba:             holiday inn aruba or holiday inn aua

Bonaire:          playa trading bonaire or playa trading bon

Sint Maarten:   aircare sint maarten or aircare sxm

Enjoy the use of the and the sms service 5511