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New Winds Realty

, Jan 4, 2024

Would not recommend

Disclaimer: can only speak for my experience.
While the sales staff is delightful. NW itself has failed repeatedly to meet contractual obligations they set. They have no regard for the cost, stress and hardships they cause. They mislead and bully continuously. Would not recommend to anyone

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Dick & Doof Contractors N.V.

, Dec 27, 2023

Supervisor coordinador metalmecanico y civil

Ingeniero Industrial con 23años de experiencia como Supervisor coordinador metalmecanico y civil, en paradas de plantas, proyectos de construcción en refinerías.

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Psychologie Praktijk Rosane Faries

, Nov 30, 2023

Really good service

Best pychologist in curacao

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ABC Roofing & Maintenance B.V.

, Sep 25, 2023

0 stars for this bad company

Very bad company do not trust them, they did not work according to our agreements and deliver very poor quality, they tried to use old materials, they are very cheap with their materials. I payed them and he stole my money and left the work unfinished.

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Caribbean Packaging Centre Inc.

, Sep 22, 2023

Good service and stock

I like the way this company operates. They are professionals.

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KFC -Kentucky Fried Chicken ( Colon )

, Sep 5, 2023


Bon siman. Un sugerensia. Lo ta bon pa KFC pensa kon por adapta of drecha/kambia e sitio di Drive Thru na Colon. E ta mal situa pa e rij di auto ku tin ku bin kumpra kfc. Tin un bògt hopi peligrosom eynan ku ta bai CMC. Tambe e rij di auto ku ta bai Drive Thru mester para riba e parkeerplaats. E ta un choas. Graag kambia of adapta esaki prome mester lamentá. Prinsipalmente e bògt ku bo ta haña bo ku otro auto ta bini frontal riba bo.

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