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, Jul 13, 2011

Bad service, ruined part of the vacation (Slechte service, deel van vakantie kwijt)

The people who provided us our appartment recommended Sonny. We wanted a small car, but it was not available, so we received a Kia Rio at a small (5 NAF) discount. Also, we were forced to rent for a whole week, while we wanted to rent for just 6 days.
The car was dropped with the owner of our appartment at Sunday, but we were unable to use it that day because the papers could only be signed the next day.
Next day Sonny arrived, gave us a contract and drove off. Soon afterwards we discovered the car had a dead battery. It needed replacement on the spot, and we had to spend until 15:00 in a hot garage before it was fixed - while the museums we wanted to visit were open until 17:00. So vacation plans -1 day.
He did not turn up on his appointment to pick the car up on Sunday, instead he rushed in the next morning and drove off.
When we asked a refund by phone (because he rushed off), Sonny flipped and after a long debate gave us back 25 NAF, while we lost a big part of our short vacation

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